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Amazon Prime Day release date: official Prime Day 2020 dates revealed

Pandemic? Pah. There are online bargains to be had.

Amazon Prime Day release date: official Prime Day 2020 dates revealed
Marc Chacksfield
28 September 2020

The Amazon Prime Day 2020 release date has been revealed. That's right, we are getting a Prime Day this year - the 48-hour extravaganza is back and set to offer up big bargains on a whole host of gadgets and gizmos.

For those that don't know, Amazon Prime Day is when Amazon pummels the world with discounted stuff. It usually takes place in July but the world had gone to crap in July, so the discount day never appeared. The world has still gone to crap but it's happening, later than usual, and will take place 13-14 October and will last some 48 hours.

When it comes to bargains, what can you expect? Well, over a million discounts. Prime Day will feature more than one million deals globally throughout the two-day event, from top brands including Philips, Toshiba, Nescafe, LEGO, Nintendo, Shark, Samsung, Under Armour, Sony, Le Creuset and more.

Far too many for any normal human to process. Which is where ShortList comes in. We are going to do the hard work for you. No matter what you are interested in, we will make sure to show you a discount or two.

So, check out the following guides below - every single one of them will be filled with Amazon Prime Day discounts. If you head over to them now, you will see the bargains that were on offer last year. That should give you an idea of what to expect from Amazon Prime Day 2020.

All you need to know right now, though, is that it is happening 13 October and will consist of 48 hours of digital discounts.

Amazon has a number of deals already happening, head over to the Prime Day hub to see, including:

Bookmark our guides below as cometh the hour cometh the ShortList. And, remember, this is a day when you need an Amazon Prime account. Remember, new members can try Prime for 30 days for free.

Amazon Prime Day release date: official Prime Day 2020 dates revealed