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How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup?

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France 2018 World Cup winners trophy

You watched every minute: but how much can you recall? LET’S QUIZ

The World Cup is over, and there’s nothing you can do to bring back that pure, unbridled joy of a solid month spent watching the world’s best footballers.

We hope you were paying attention, though, because we’ve got a quiz for you, encompassing some of the biggest moments and most surprising stats from Russia 2018.

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Gazinsky opened the scoring with a header against Saudi Arabia

Question 1/17

Which Russian player scored the first goal of the tournament?

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Goalkeepers Jack Butland and Nick Pope were the only players not to feature

Question 2/17

How many England players made it onto the pitch at the World Cup?

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Messi was denied by Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson on the third day of the tournament

Question 3/17

Who was the first player to miss a penalty at the tournament?

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Rojo connected with a volley to score against Nigeria for the second World Cup running

Question 4/17

Argentina needed a late winner against Nigeria to get out of their group, but who scored it?

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Lopetegui was fired after announcing his plans to join Real Madrid. Fernando Hierro replaced him

Question 5/17

Who was replaced as Spain manager on the eve of the tournament?

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Senegal had six yellows to Japan’s four

Question 6/17

Senegal finished level on points and goal difference with Japan. Why were they eliminated?

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Baloy, who scored for Panama against England, was 37 when the tournament began

Question 7/17

Essam El-Hadary was the oldest player at the 2018 World Cup, but who was the oldest man to score a goal?

How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup? 1
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There were five in 2014 but the previous record of six was set in 1998

Question 8/17

There were 12 own goals scored at the 2018 World Cup – what was the previous record?

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Neymar scored in the seventh minute of stoppage time in Brazil's win against Costa Rica

Question 9/17

Which player scored the latest goal of the tournament (excluding extra-time)?

Gareth Southgate England
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Senegal manager Cisse was 42 years old when the tournament began

Question 10/17

Who was the youngest manager at the World Cup?

How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup? 3
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Poulsen, the Denmark forward, fouled Peru’s Christian Cueva and was penalised for handball against Australia

Question 11/17

What did Yussuf Poulsen do that no other player did at the tournament?

How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup? 4
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Sanchez was sent off for blocking a shot with his arm in Colombia’s game against Japan

Question 12/17

Who was the first player to receive a straight red card at the 2018 World Cup

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South Korea conceded three goals, but two were penalties

Question 13/17

Which team was eliminated in the groups despite conceding just once from open play

How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup? 6
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Five against Belgium, three against England and three against Tunisia

Question 14/17

Panama picked up more group stage yellow cards than any other team - how many?

How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup? 7
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Aleksandr Yerokhin made history when he came on as a sub for Daler Kurzayev in the first period of extra-time

Question 15/17

What was special about Spain’s defeat against Russia?

How much do you remember about the 2018 World Cup? 8
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Mario Mandzukic was the only player to score an extra-time winner, against England, but Croatia’s Domagoj Vida and Russia’s Mario Fernandes both scored in the extra period of their quarter-final

Question 16/17

How many players scored extra-time goals at the tournament?

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Well, more specifically, failing to pull off a forward roll throw-in

Question 17/17

This is Milad Mohammadi – what will be remembered for?

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