20 years on: How well do you remember France 98?

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When it comes to memorable moments and top quality football, the 1998 World Cup has few rivals.

Now, 20 years on from that tournament, it’s time to find out how much you really remember about France 98.

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England drew 0-0 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to top their group

Question 1/20

England qualified for the tournament after a draw with Italy, but where was that game played?

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César Sampaio touched home Bebeto’s corner against Scotland

Question 2/20

Which Brazilian player scored the first goal of the tournament?

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It’s South Africa! Saudi Arabia qualified in 1994, while 1998 was South Korea’s fifth appearance.

Question 3/20

Which of these countries was playing in its first ever World Cup in 1998?

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Wimbledon midfielder Earle scored in their defeat to Croatia

Question 4/20

Jamaica were also playing in their first World Cup finals, but which Premier League player scored their first goal in the tournament?

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Uruguay qualified in 2002, but weren’t there in 1998

Question 5/20

Which of these South American countries failed to qualify

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Batistuta scored three against Jamaica. Salas and Henry both scored two goals in a single game

Question 6/20

Who was the only player to score a hat-trick at the 1998 World Cup?

20 years on: How well do you remember France 98? 4
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Belgium drew with the Netherlands, Mexico and South Korea

Question 7/20

Which was the only team to go out in the group stages without losing a game?

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Lineker’s goal was mentioned in the 96, not the 98 version

Question 8/20

Which of these lines *did not* feature in ‘Three Lions 98’?

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It took place at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Étienne

Question 9/20

England were eliminated by Argentina in the second round, but where was the game played?

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Blanc scored, with the game just six minutes away from a penalty shoot-out

Question 10/20

Who scored France’s Golden Goal winner against Paraguay in the round of 16?

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It’s Luis Hernández!

Question 11/20

What is the name of this Mexican player, who scored four goals at the 1998 World Cup?

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He beat Argentina goalkeeper Carlos Roa in the final minute

Question 12/20

Dennis Bergkamp scored one of the goals of the tournament in the quarter-finals, but who did he score it against?

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Croatia striker Šuker scored six goals at the tournament

Question 13/20

Who was the top-scorer at the 1998 World Cup?

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Di Biagio hit the bar with Italy's final spot-kick

Question 14/20

Italy were eliminated by France at the quarter-final stage, but who missed the decisive penalty?

20 years on: How well do you remember France 98? 10
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It was Thuram, with the only international goals he *ever* scored

Question 15/20

Which French player scored both of his country’s goals against Croatia in the semi-final?

20 years on: How well do you remember France 98? 11
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Cocu and Ronald de Boer both missed. Frank scored his penalty, while Zenden was substituted before extra-time

Question 16/20

Which of these Dutch players missed a penalty in their semi-final defeat to Brazil?

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It was Prosinečki, who would later go on to play for Portsmouth

Question 17/20

Which Croatian player scored the opener in the third-place play-off?

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He joined Newcastle, but failed to settle and left the club after less than one season

Question 18/20

France striker Stéphane Guivarc’h moved to the Premier League after the World Cup, but which club did he join?

20 years on: How well do you remember France 98? 15
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It was Edmundo, who ultimately ended up coming off the bench

Question 19/20

After Ronaldo reportedly suffered a fit before the final, which Brazil player was potentially in line to replace him in the starting line-up?

20 years on: How well do you remember France 98? 13
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Jacquet was in charge for the World Cup win, while his successor Lemerre led Les Bleus to Euro 2000 glory.

Question 20/20

France won the tournament, but who was their manager?

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