The new Wonder Woman trailer will make you forget BvS ever happened

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Tom Fordy

Say what you will about DC’s superhero movies so far, but they’ve beaten Marvel to punch when it comes to giving a kick-ass female heroine their own film.

And by the looks of this new teaser trailer, Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, could actually be pretty, well, wonderful.

Set during World War II, the period setting could give the film a similar charm to first Captain America movie, but it’ll be most exciting to see how Diana Prince (that’s Wonder Woman’s real name, if you didn’t know) fares once she takes the leading role.

Though she featured in Batman vs Superman, the character was essentially a glorified cameo, before turning up in the final battle for a cheeky bit of arse-kickery.

With women taking centre stage in numerous genres over the last few years – see Ghostbusters, Haywire, Bridesmaids, and The Heat – DC will want Wonder Woman to absolutely smash it, not to mention set up the impending Justice League. And as you'll see below, she's not messing around. 

Wonder Woman is in cinemas from 2 June 2017


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