Stop everything, the New Star Wars: Rogue One trailer is here


Mark 15 December in your diary. And 16 December. And, why not, 17, 18 and 19 December too?

Because that first date is when Star Wars: A Rogue One Story arrives in cinemas, and when the ShortList team dies of happiness.

So, no more top-notch content, but then again, Rogue One will be in cinemas, so it seems fair to us.

Why? Darth Vader is back, and you can see more of the ultimate space villain in this latest teaser. Mads Mikkelson seems to have designed the Death Star, and as this is Star Wars - the most galactic family drama ever - he plays Felcity Jones's dad. 

Oh and we get a little taste of Ben Mendelsohn's imperial baddie too.

 Watch and learn...

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