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Eight people kicked off planes for ridiculous reasons


Now, we get that post 9/11, airline staff need to be more vigilant with what is and isn't allowed on a plane but, there needs to be limits. We still need to get to places.

While being kicked off a flight for being drunk and disorderly or having a rucksack full of daggers are completely legitimate reasons, did Billie Joe Armstrong really deserve to be thrown off for refusing to pull up his baggy trousers? This weekend showed that apparently he did. He's not the only one though.

Here are eight other ridiculous tales:

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Crying Too Much

So, you're anxious about flying. Oh and you're also on the way to visit your father who has recently suffered a heart attack. You're also a girl so you're a bit teary. You ask the stewardess for a glass of wine and get told that you've "had enough already", despite having had no wine. Then you get kicked off. Apparently everyone has to be as happy as a puppy on a plane. Who knew? [Via AOL]

Being An Actual Baby

Okay so no-one likes a baby on a plane. We're just putting it out there. The tears can be close to unbearable when you're trying to sleep. But when a 19-month-old toddler is simply repeating the phrase "Bye, bye plane" pre-flight, it's annoying but not impossible to deal with. Apparently not for one flight attendant who told his mother to "shut the baby up" and suggested to give him Baby Benadryl to make him fall asleep. An argument understandably ensued and they were soon booted off, baby un-drugged [Via ABC]

Being Tall

There are many situations in life when being tall is really awesome. Travelling on a plane is not one of them. Just to reiterate this, a 6'9" passenger was removed for not being able to change his completely self-inflicted height while on a plane. A flight attendant told him to keep his legs out of the aisle yet due to literally not being able to fit them in, he couldn't move. He was then kicked off. We realise that this story might cause extreme smugness for all of our short readers [Via AOL]


If we had a penny for every time we were on a place that actually left on time then we'd have no pennies. We therefore can't blame a Brooklyn passenger for asking his friend "What's taking so f***ing long to close the overheard compartments?". The captain wasn't so sure though and had police remove the man for being disruptive. The disgruntled man claimed that in Brooklyn, curses are used "as adjectives" so he can't be blamed. We imagine this same excuse could be used by Liverpudlians in the future [Via Gawker]

Smelling Bad

We've all had to endure sitting uncomfortably close to a smelly person before. It's grim, eye-watering stuff. The sort of experience that changes a man forever. But some people just smell, no matter how much Lynx they utilise. We're therefore a bit sorry for the guy who got kicked off a Jazz Air flight in Canada for boasting pungent body odour. One passenger did describe the smell as "brutal" though. Unlike his treatment of course... [Via CNN]

Wearing Baggy Jeans

Yes, Billie Joe wasn't the first one. A 20-year-old college football player found himself creating a fuss when an air steward claimed he was showing too much of his behind earlier this year. Refusing to de-bag his jeans, he was kicked off and then arrested. Surprisingly this didn't happen in some Footloose-style dance-banning town but in San Francisco, not a place known for strict conformity [Via AOL]

Taking A Photograph

Remember the glory days when air stewardesses were pretty much angelic creatures? Okay so it might have been swayed by the fact that we were young and more angelic ourselves then. But after a passenger decided to photograph the name tag of a particularly rude employee, she was confronted and told to delete the photo. Even after she obliged, she was still considered a security risk and thrown off. Even though the photo no longer exists, the employee was called Tonialla G. That's Tonialla G. [Via The Blaze]


There's nothing worse than having an uncontrollable coughing fit. Well, actually there is if it happens to be while you're on a plane. A 16-year-old girl fell asleep after boarding a plane and woke up with a bout of the coughs. Despite an in-flight doctor stating that she'd be fine to travel, the captain disagreed and insisted she de-boarded. That'll teach her for being fallible [Via MSNBC]



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