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8 worst jobs


We all like a casual whinge about our job. Even Mark Zuckerberg must get a little sick of the daily grind sometimes. But every now and then, it's worth having a long, hard think about those who have even worse jobs than us. While reformatting an Excel spreadsheet might seem like the absolute pits, taking a look at this list will certainly put it all into perspective...

(Images: Rex Features/Allstar)

Cat Food Quality Controller

Unless you're a student and times are tough/you're doing a dare, cat food does not belong in or around the bodies of us humans. For some poor soul, their job relies on going in, elbow-deep, to a huge tub of the stuff, groping for bony bits and then smearing it on a flat surface to test gristle content. All for cats, one of the least grateful pets.

Roadkill Collector

Next time you're speeding along a country road and there's a sinister bump, spare a thought for the guy that has to clean up after. Positives: they get to spend their days outside and work with animals. Negatives: the animals are in various states of disarray. A soul-crushing job.

Pig Inseminator

There must be a moment, while trying to arouse a pig, when the professional involved must stop and think "How did I get here?" The intimate help given to those four-legged beasts is a necessary part of the farm system (just ask Rebecca Loos) but the ramifications for the inseminator must be far-reaching. Every now and then, haunting images must have a way of creeping into their mind.

Tower Technician

Even if you're absolutely 100% not afraid of heights (you're lying anyway) then you still must feel a little bit dizzy when thinking about these poor guys. After using a lift for most of the way, the final few hundred feet of the 1700ft tower has to be climbed manually. This video went viral back in September and has to be one of the most nerve-wracking vids you'll ever see.

Telesales Operator

Other than parking attendants, there's no one we hate more than the telesales operator. Calling us when we least expect it, they flood our ears with inane offers and pointless reminders but it's a job that someone has to do. Callously treated like scum by the general public, they're regularly treated to hang-ups and abuse. Plus if various exposes are to be believed, they're never allowed to go to the toilet.

Sewage Disposal Worker

There's nothing to debate about sewage. It's disgusting and everyone agrees. Which makes it even tougher for those poor folk that have to deal with it. The "flusher" has a pretty self-explanatory job that involves getting rid of our mess and getting paid peanuts to do it. This summer 1,000 tonnes of fat had to be removed from Leicester Square by a team of brave souls. Breathing apparatus was provided.

Personal Assistant

Slavery is now illegal in this country apparently. For those in the know though the word slave has simply gone through a rebrand and is now termed personal assistant. Helping rich people to live their life for them by doing every little thing they want, the PA is a poorly paid dogsbody that works 24/7 to appease a demanding boss. You're sleeping? Tough, there's Skittles to be colour-coded.

Shark Wrangler

Okay so this one at least sounds cool. But in reality, looking after lethal killing machines that want nothing more than to feast on your flesh is enough to prevent you from sleeping. Ever. Many are hired to lure sharks closer to tourists so they can take pics. Which means that the first violent death goes straight on your conscience.



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