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10 unbelievable updates to the Making a Murderer case that you need to know about

The entire world may have seen all ten episodes of Netflix's smash documentary Making a Murderer, but that's not stopped everyone from continuing to talk about it.

Thankfully, we're not short of new case information and updates to digest and add into our never-ending conversations. That's due, in part to convicted murderer Steven Avery's new lawyer Kathleen Zellner, who's not afraid to gift avid fans slices of tasty, often cryptic new evidence through her Twitter feed.  

With all this as-yet heard intel coming to light, unsurprisingly there's some serious talk of series two shaping up, with filmmakers already interviewing Avery for 'future episodes'. And with plenty of evidence that appears to have been completely missed the first time around, we'll definitely be glued to our screens all over again if, or when, it happens. 

Here's ten important things that have happened in Avery’s case since Making A Murderer first hit our screens…



New Making a Murderer data may prove Halbach left Avery’s home alive


The ‘sexy’ lawyer from Making A Murderer is getting his own series


Steve Avery's lawyer has a new suspect in the 'Making A Murderer' case



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