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Euro 2012 Quiz - Part 1


There's a football tournament going on. That, people, merits a massive quiz.

You can find part 2 here, the answers for part 1 here and the answers to part 2 here.

1. A 30-year-old German woman named Oceana Mahlmann will feature prominently during Euro 2012. In what capacity?

2. The Euro champions are awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy. Who was Henri Delaunay?

3. Euro ’96 top scorer Alan Shearer was named in the 1996 Team Of The Tournament. He was joined in the team by which England midfielder?

4. The last final, in 2008 , was contested by Spain and Germany. What was the result and who scored?

5. Of the 12 referees this summer, one is provided by England. Who is he?

6. There are two Premier League stars in the Czech Republic squad for Euro 2012. Who?

7. When was the first European Championship held: 1948, 1960 or 1972?

8. Two cities have hosted the final more than once. Name them.

9. “On me head, son” Name the Euro tournaments to which these tabloid headlines refer

10. England’s opening game against France is a repeat of their 2004 clash, when Zinedine Zidane memorably scored a brace of injury-time France goals in a dramatic 2-1 win for the defending champs. Who put England ahead in the first half?

11. In the 1996 final, why was Oliver Bierhoff’s winning goal against the Czech Republic a footballing first?

12. Who scored a staggering nine goals in just five games during the 1984 tournament?

13. Who was named player of the tournament at Euro 2008?

14. Which sports giant is providing the official match ball this summer: Nike, adidas or Umbro?

15. Which of Arsenal’s two Polish goalkeepers is in his national team’s squad for Euro 2012?

16. The 1968 semi-final between the Soviet Union and Italy ended in a draw. How was it decided?

17. Scotland scored three goals at Euro ’92, netted by three different players – all with surnames beginning ‘Mc’. Name them.

18. In which of the tournament’s eight cities will this summer’s final be held on 1 July?

19.We’ve silhouetted the famous Euro-winning captains. Can you name the skippers?

20. The second highest scorer in England’s history at the Euros is still in the current squad. Name him

21. England have played in seven Euros. What’s the furthest they’ve got, and name the years and the teams that eliminated them.

22. Which ex-Arsenal player scored the last-minute equaliser for France in the 2000 final against Italy, that France went on to win in extra-time?

23. Two players in Roy Hodgson’s initial Euro 2012 squad were uncapped at the time of selection. Name them.

24. Of the 11 players named in the 2008 Team Of The Tournament, how many were from the victorious Spanish team?

25. In the 2000 tournament, there were joint top scorers with five goals apiece. One is a former Aston Villa star, the other an ex-Newcastle United player. Name both.

26. Where will the Euro 2016 tournament be held?

27. Only one England defender has ever scored in the Euros. It was during the 1988 tournament. Who was it?

28. Where is England’s base for Euro 2012: Krakow, Kiev or Warsaw?

29. Which country has the best record in the Euros, winning three titles and being beaten finalists three times?

30. Which former England striker is second in the all-time tournament goal-scorers list, with seven across two competitions?

31. Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas is the most experienced player at Euro 2012, with how many caps? (We’ll allow you five either way.)

32. Giovanni Trapattoni’s Republic Of Ireland team qualified for this summer’s tournament, but how many of the previous 13 have they played in?

33. Wayne Rooney is banned for the first two matches of Euro 2012, after being sent off for kicking out at an opponent in a qualifying match. But which team were England playing?

34. Which former England midfielder played under Roy Hodgson at Intenazionale?

35. Who are the two members of England’s squad who didn’t play for a Premier League club last season?

36. In which British city was the Uefa meeting held in 2007 to decide that this summer’s tournament hosts would

be Poland and Ukraine?

37. Lukas Podolski plays for Germany, but was born in – and eligible to play for – which other nation at Euro 2012?

38. Who are Michael Mullarkey and Peter Kirkup, and why will they have a role this summer?

39. Which player at Euro 2012 is nicknamed “L’architetto” (the architect) by his team-mates, and why?

40. Players from 10 clubs make up the England squad (pictured below) – but what’s unique about them when compared to other national squads?

41. Name the gaffer Can you match these Euro 2012 managers to their teams?

42. How did Roy Hodgson make extra money during his non-league playing career?

43. Euro 2012 will be the last tournament to feature 16 teams. How many will compete in Euro 2016?

44. Which Bayern Munich legend was the only player to score more than once at Euro ‘72, netting four?

45. Former Holland manager Louis Van Gaal said about which Dutch star, “In the penalty area, he is the best player in the world, bar none”?

46. In 1980, which country topped Group B: England, Belgium, Italy or Spain?

47. Which striker at the tournament has scored the most international goals, and how many has he scored?

48. Which legendary Czechoslovakian player scored with an audacious chip straight down the middle of the goal in the Euros’ first ever penalty shootout, against Germany in 1976, with his surname later becoming slang for this type of cheeky penalty?

49. Only half-a-dozen players have played in four Euro tournaments. Two of those are former Manchester United stars – name them.

50. Ireland’s squad is unique in that no member of the squad plays in his home country. But can you name the two Ireland players who are signed to clubs outside the UK – one in the US, one in Russia?



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