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Tesco is launching smaller wine bottles because millennials aren’t drinking as much

Are you ready to cut back on your alcohol intake?

Tesco is launching smaller wine bottles because millennials aren’t drinking as much
01 May 2018

There’s a growing body of evidence that millennials might just be the best generation yet; they’re more in touch with their emotions and their mental health and they’re much more likely to want to take care of themselves. They drink less, take fewer drugs and exercise more regularly. Not particularly exciting hey, but, overall, this is a good thing.

So, to appeal to this new health-conscious market, supermarket giant Tesco is rolling out a new line of slim wine bottles to help younger shoppers control portions and cut down on waste.

Included in the new range will be the supermarket’s first ever 50cl wine bottle size – which contains the equivalent of four glasses.

What the smaller wine bottles (left) will look like

For those wanting an even smaller measure, there will also be 37.5cl bottles which contain the equivalent of three glasses.

According to latest data from retail analysts Kantar and the British Beer and Pub Association, Brits’ alcohol consumption is in decline with Brits drinking, on average, one less alcoholic drink each week.

And younger consumers, who are more focused on a healthily lifestyle than their parents, are reducing their alcohol consumption – with lower occasion frequency and smaller sizes.

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Discussing the move, Tesco’s product developer Alexandra Runciman said: “We are currently seeing an increase in the number of shoppers wanting to enjoy a smaller amount of wine or a mid-week treat without having to purchase and potentially waste a full size bottle.

“Millennials in particular are generally more concerned about the quantity of alcohol that they drink and so we hope this new range will help them manage portion control.

“This new range of smaller wine bottles will also allow customers to cut down on waste by giving them the exact portions they want.”

(Images: Getty / Tesco)