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10 famous re-cast movie roles

Can you imagine Ross from Friends being the lead star of Men In Black instead of Will Smith?

Well, it turns out that it nearly happened, as David Schwimmer recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast Awards Chatter. He was about to star in and direct the TV movie Since You’ve Been Gone when he was offered the part, but turned it down as he had already committed to the project, cast everyone in the theatre company he co-founded in Chicago, and felt that he couldn't let his friends down. What a guy.

To be fair, Will Smith was obviously amazing in the part. And this could have been the theme song for the movie instead:

But it's not the first time a part intended for one actor has gone to another - after all, Hollywood is a fickle place.

It may come as a surprise to find precisely which roles - many of which turned their actors into household names - were originally to be played by someone else.



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