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A '90s-themed brunch with unlimited fried chicken and rum punch is coming to London


A '90s-themed brunch with unlimited fried chicken and rum punch is coming to London

What’s your favourite genre of music to enjoy its heyday over the last 25 years? Wrong, it’s actually UK garage.

The forerunner to grime and the genre that brought us Craig David through his Artful Dodger collaboration, UKG remains popular among nostalgia freaks and those who never really let it go.

But things have changed, both in music and in life, to the point where everything is brunch these days.

If you think that sounded like a non sequitur, we don’t blame you. Because it only makes sense when you realise a UK garage brunch is coming to London. Oh, and we haven’t even told you the best bit.

Here comes the best bit…

The brunch, which is due to take place on 3 February next year at Proud Camden, comes with unlimited fried chicken and unlimited rum punch.

You read that right. Unlimited. Fried. Chicken. And. Unlimited. Rum. Punch.

You’ll have 90 minutes to work your way through as much punch, and as much chicken from Bird, as you can.

Oh, and brownies too. Lots of delicious, delicious brownies. You could say they’re sweet like chocolate. You really shouldn’t, though.

Loads of these, too

OK, that’s all well and good, but what makes it specifically a UK garage brunch? I’m glad you asked.

According to the UKG Brunch ticket page, there will also be live music from Artful Dodger, MC DT (of ‘Do You Really Like It’ fame) and DJ Cartier.

There will obviously be karaoke and rap battles too, because this isn’t their first rodeo.

Tickets are £35, or cheaper if you buy several at once, and get you in for the entire noon-5pm running time.

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