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There's a gin festival coming to London, prime your gullets

Gin is nice, I'll say it twice, everyone likes it, even mice

There's a gin festival coming to London, prime your gullets
21 February 2018

Hey, what’s a drink that everyone likes to bang on about all the time?

Gin! Gin is! Everyone luurrvves harping on about gin all the time and putting it in their Twitter bios and saying things like “It’s gin o’clock!” and having babies made out of gin. Thankfully, the thing is: gin is great, so it’s not actually that annoying. Ask me what I like on a summer’s day when I’m sitting outside with my legs outstretched, and I’ll likely tell you something unprintable, but if you were to warn me that my answer was being printed, then I’d say a gin and tonic.

So imagine my excitement (and yours, probably) when I heard there’s going to be a big old gin festival heading to London, that you can fucking taking a picture at and put on your dumb Instagram! It’s called The Gin Society Gin Festival and it’s heading to Wandsworth Town Hall next month. How - wait for it - exciting.

Listen up, gin-fans, you’re gonna split your butts because there’ll be over 120 different types of gin from all around the world to taste, as well as other exciting things including but not limited to:

  • Craft fruit and sloe gins, oh my
  • Fentimans’ delicious range of tonic waters (which are, yes, amazing)
  • Speakeasy-style music direct from the ‘30s and ‘40s, which is a shame
  • Gin master classes for you and yours
  • A bespoke Guest Bar showcasing a weird and wonderful range of new and unusual gins
  • Probably a young man in his 20s wearing a flat cap and braces
  • At least three extremely tiresome gin bores that it would be beneficial to swerve (potentially more though, if we’re counting you)

What a line up, busters, this is my kind of festival. And for only £14, which includes a free gin and tonic and a commemorative Gin Society gin goblet to keep, it’s a bargain, make absolutely zero mistake.

Your new favourite festival will be ‘hitting’ Wandsworth town hall on March 23rd and 24th - book yourself some tickets right here. Then slowly tip a glass towards your lips and watch as the naughty liquid slides down the big hole in your neck and makes you feel all silly and red. Weeeeeeeee!!

(Image: The Gin Society)