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Fatman Scoop’s pancake recipe is the only one you need this year

Obviously a man named 'Fatman' knows about pancakes

Fatman Scoop’s pancake recipe is the only one you need this year
Tom Victor
13 February 2018

You’ve got a lot of important decisions to make on Pancake Day.

Do you go for sweet or savoury pancakes?

Do you want American-style, European-style or a curveball like Japanese okonomiyaki?

Are you having pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three?

We’ve given you a guide to some of London’s best pancakes already, with a huge variety of options, but what if you’ve decided to just make them at home?

You’ll probably want the advice of someone who knows his food, and who better than Fatman Scoop?

The hip-hop star and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant is known for his love of food, especially ice cream, and rumour has it that he was only seen at Everton matches because they’re nicknamed ‘The Toffees’.

It’s no surprise, then, that his favourite recipe is on the sweet side.

Coming from New York, the 46-year-old was always going to go with an American-style pancake stack rather than a humble crêpe.

There’s ice cream involved – were you really expecting a man called Scoop to skimp on the stuff? – and three scoops to boot.

He tops it off with Nutella and syrup, because why choose between the two, and… that’s it.

No unnecessary additions. No extra garnishes to take the focus off the main event.

We salute you, Fatman.

(Images: Toa Heftiba/iStock)