This new McDonald's menu item will surprise the hell out of you

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Nick Pope

There was a time, not too long ago, when McDonald’s was your one-stop shop for a burger.

But that was before Byron and all of its beefy mates barged into town and transformed us all into (value) card-carrying bun buffs. Before brioche, chilli jam and the very concept of gluten. A more innocent time where, if the server asked you how you’d like your burger cooked, you'd genuinely worry about their mental capacity.

In comparison to Byron, Honest Burger and the like, the Big Mac has become small-time - and McDonald’s knows it.

But they’re not going to go down without a fight.

The US fast food giants are experimenting with using fresh beef for their burgers in Texas stores, in a bid to take a bite out of the gourmet market.

McDonald’s beef patties have always been frozen because they’re cheaper and easier to prepare. And while they’re all 100% beef, they undoubtedly pale in comparison to the meaty patties provided by their rivals.

Naturally, Twitter has a lot to say about the news – and the far majority of the people are pretty damn skeptical…