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Huge change coming to DC Movies? Wonder Woman 3 is in doubt

New report suggests that there's question marks over DC's biggest upcoming movies.

Huge change coming to DC Movies? Wonder Woman 3 is in doubt
Marc Chacksfield
09 December 2022

The future of the DCEU is in flux right now, with reports coming through that Wonder Woman 3 could be in jeopardy.

UPDATE:James Gunn has responded to the report with the following Tweet:

Original Article below...

This is according to The Hollywood Reporter which is citing unnamed sources that the script for Wonder Woman 3 has been rejected. This is a script written by Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns - both were behind the screenplay for Wonder Woman '84.

If it is the case, then it comes at the same time that Gal Gadot took to Twitter to tease fans about her being Wonder Woman once more.

It is an interesting time for DC and the signs were there that major changes were ahead. James Gunn and Peter Safran were announced recently as Co-CEOs of DC Studios, a new subsidiary which has been set up to make sure that Warner Bros is getting the most out of its prolific slate of DC superheroes.

So far, the signs from the new bosses have seemed very positive. It's clear that they are trying to go after a Marvel Studios style connected universe, with Gunn recently noting that TV shows and comic-books will make up the extended universe.

Then there was the Instagram post by Henry Cavill that revealed he was committed to playing Superman in future films, something that went down very well with fans.

We also got news that Matt Reeves had signed a first-look deal with Warner Bros and that he would be extending his own world of Batman to TV shows and a film sequel.

Cameos and confusion

Alongside this, though, there has been confusion. The Batgirl movie was canceled when it was in post production and nobody really knows what is happening with Michael Keaton, who was meant to be Batman in the Batgirl movie and was said to have a cameo in the upcoming Aquaman film but it's thought Ben Affleck was brought in to reshoot.

As for Cavill as Superman, it's being reported that this deal is far from sorted despite the aforementioned Instagram post.

Then there's Black Adam. While there were reports that it was to make a loss, Dwayne Johnson recently posted that this wasn't the case and that the film would make a decent profit. He has been pushing hard to make sure the movie isn't a one-off but part of whatever is next for DC and Warner Bros.

According to THR, Gunn and Safran are meeting Warner Bros boss David Zaslav soon to finalize their grand DCEU plan - whether or not this includes all or none of the current Justice League line-up is, like most of what is happening with DC at the moment, unclear.

Main image credit: Warner Bros