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The world's most stupidly difficult, impossibly hard Simpsons quiz

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You've done Simpsons quizzes before. You even got the 'Simpsons: Scene It?' DVD game for Christmas 2009. One time, there was a Simpsons question in the local pub quiz, and you raised your head from its, "I swear I'm thinking, ah yes, I was going to say that!" slumber to enthusiastically whisper the answer. 

But this is different. This is the hardest Simpsons quiz you will ever take. At least, today. 



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It's also been revealed the HBO show won’t be returning until 2018

by Joe Ellison
06 Dec 2016

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More than just funny, more than just black, Fresh Prince was important.

06 Dec 2016

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05 Dec 2016

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Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived.

by Sam Diss
02 Dec 2016

Google Translate describing The Simpsons characters is just lovely

Strangle the son of Bart's neck is annual

by Emily Badiozzaman
01 Dec 2016

Elijah Wood: "Finding Nigerian records is quite difficult"

ShortList chat DJing, Daniel Radcliffe and detectives with Elijah Wood

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01 Dec 2016

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Faith in humanity almost restored

by Tom Fordy
01 Dec 2016

Planet Earth crew left devastated after witnessing 150,00 antelope die

Many of the Beeb's production team were left devestated

by Emily Badiozzaman
29 Nov 2016

The first teaser for Game Of Thrones season 7 is here

The Starks are coming

by Emily Badiozzaman
29 Nov 2016

Rapper-turned-foodie Action Bronson tells us how to unlock happiness

“My beard just happens to grow naturally gorgeous”

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16 Nov 2016