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You can now order pizza from your trainers with Pizza Hut's Pie Tops

This is what technology was made for

You can now order pizza from your trainers with Pizza Hut's Pie Tops

Remember when you had to actually verbalise your pizza order? So basic. 

Turns out ordering via multiple apps is just not enough anymore. We need to make strides in ordering food to our exact location with literally no effort. This is what the world needs. This will make everything great again. 

And what better way to make strides than being able to order a pizza from your shoes? Something like pressing a button on your trainers, so that a Pepperoni Feast comes to exactly where we stand. 

Thankfully Pizza Hut is answering the calls of the lazy, except not literally because no phones, remember.

In collaboration with custom trainer brand Shoe Surgeon, the Hut has created a trainer with a Bluetooth button in the tongue that uses geolocation to deliver a large pizza at your feet, like the true god you are. 

The button will deliver your default large $7.99 order, which you can change in the accompanying app or online.

They’re aptly called Pie Tops but you may struggle to get a slice of the action as they’re only making 64 pairs ahead of March Madness (the second week of March when Americans go extra nuts for college basketball tournaments that happen at the same time).

Still, look how far we’ve come.