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This new soap smells of chips. On purpose.

Would you?

This new soap smells of chips. On purpose.
13 March 2019

There’s no mistaking the smell that engulfs you when you walk past a fast food joint. You could single out each venue individually. Subway? A sort of plastic sandwich filling with melted cheese. Burger King? Stuff being grilled en masse. McDonald’s? Chips, salty, delicious and slightly soggy chips.

You know the feeling as well, you’ve just had a McDonald’s, you feel amazing, and you know that you’ll feel like that for the next seven minutes at least, before you hit what’s officially termed ‘The Donald’s Low’. The sugar and salt and delicious fat leaves your system and you feel like you never ate anything at all. In fact, are you hungrier than you were before?

Well, now even if you’re not filled to the brim with sweet milkshake and burgers, you can at least smell of fast food chips, without even living in a flat share above Mermaid Fish Bar.

That’s because American fast food chain Del Taco are offering a limited edition gift of soap that smells like french fries to some lucky customers. Not satisfied with being able to make their home smell of cheeseburgers, fast food fans can smell of the food itself.

“Stay fresh with soap that will make you smell as exquisite as the world-famous fries we include in every Fresh Faves Box Meal,” the soap box claims. Quite the oxymoron there.

All you have to do to receive one of these rare grooming items is post a picture of yourself eating Del Taco food to Instagram and they’ll send you a chip-soap, while stocks last. What could be better? Imagine being in a bar and someone chatting you up ;

’Wow what are you wearing?’

’Eau de French Fry by Del Taco. It’s limited edition.’

If they don’t sleep with you there’s something wrong with them, not you. Depending on what area of London you’re in, either tell them that Del Taco is the hottest new Parisian designer or a new Spanish billionaire who’s launched his own fragrance if you need to add a bit of back story.

The bad news is we’ve checked for you and you would have to get a flight to America to get to a Del Taco meal, but with budget airlines these days that could cost you as little as £250, totally worth it we reckon. Either that or we hope you’ve got pretty decent photoshop skills….

(Image: Del Taco)