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Five great snacks that are easy to make when you're drunk (by top London chefs)

Late-night munch created by dudes who should know better

Five great snacks that are easy to make when you're drunk (by top London chefs)
27 July 2018

How to make gourmet munch for those times when toast and jam just don’t do the job. Get more great Food and Drink content and sign up for Mr Hyde’s weekly email.

The fried fish sandwich

“The fried fish sandwich on our bar menu has evolved from a typical late-night snack of mine. Plaice is the best fish to use because its mild taste won’t overwhelm – make sure you fry it until it goes crispy. Pick a bun that’s soft but won’t fall apart, like a milk bun. The best bit is when you add in pickles, gherkins and jalapeños. Slather on some tartar sauce too, or mayonnaise if you don’t have any – ideally mixed in with chopped eggs. It doesn’t taste overly fishy and the protein, salt and breadiness mean you’ll feel better in the morning.” Andrew Clarke, St Leonards

Meaty fried rice

“There’s nothing I want more after I’ve had a few drinks than the filling stodginess of meaty fried rice. It’s simple but so satisfying and easy to put together at home when you’re seriously hungry. Fry off some bacon until it’s crispy and the fat has rendered down, crack an egg and stir before adding your leftover rice. Fry everything together and top with hot sauce. It’s always best eaten straight from the pan. We do a version at Smoking Goat that is taken to another level with the addition of lardo and makes a great hangover cure.” Ali Borer, Smoking Goat

 Fried cheese and marmite sandwich,

“For an ultimate fried cheese and marmite sandwich, begin by slicing half a white onion as thinly as possible, then put aside for later. Break two eggs into a bowl and whisk with salt and pepper. Take two pieces of bread, lightly butter one side of each, then spread the Marmite and cover the buttered area with a generous helping of cheddar cheese and a sprinkling of onion. Sandwich together and dip in the egg mix, allowing the bread to soak up all the egg. Place in a frying pan on the stove, add some butter or oil and shallow fry the sandwich until it turns golden brown, repeat on the other side, once golden all over remove from the pan, cut into fingers and serve with tomato ketchup.” Mark Jarvis, Anglo

Chilli chicken toastie

“When I was training in New Delhi in the Nineties I used to go to the Oberoi New Delhi coffee-shop kitchen and volunteer to make their French fries in exchange for this grilled sandwich, so this recipe for a chilli chicken toastie goes out to the night-shift team. It’s so easy to make – mix together chopped chicken tikka, four chopped green chillies, a red onion, lots of mature cheddar cheese and lay on buttered wholemeal bread with chutney or ketchup if you like. Place in a sandwich toaster and cook until golden and crisp on the outside and cheese melts inside. What more could you possibly need?” Vivek Singh, Cinnamon Kitchen

Fishy fried rice 

“This fishy fried rice is the easiest thing to make if you’re stumbling in from a night out and good for using up leftovers. I make mine with prawn heads, but you can use any leftover meat, fish, shellfish or veg. Heat some oil in a pan and fry off some garlic, add in soya sauce, chopped chillies and fold in the rice. Add the prawn heads and finish with a chopped up fried egg. If you’re feeling fancy add some red onions or shallotts. Serve with soya sauce, vinegar and sriracha.” Harneet Baweja, Gunpowder

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