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You can now buy gin and tonic bread rolls, so enjoy your breakfast

These boozy teacakes will perk up your morning

You can now buy gin and tonic bread rolls, so enjoy your breakfast

The thing about breakfast, or even most lunches, is that you’re not really allowed to have a drink at the same time, are you? Cracking out the gin at seven in the morning might get you a couple of funny looks from your housemates - this isn’t Ibiza, it’s Walthamstow. So all you’ve really got is a trusty coffee to perk you up in the early hours.

At least until now, anyway, because all the gin fans - and there are many, me included - will be able to indulge their whim and tonic whenever they want. Because now, a thing that exists is: the gin and tonic teacake. Roberts Bakery have released ‘Fun Buns’ to a grateful public, a result of Alison Ordonez, Innovation Director at Roberts, noticing how high gin sales were within the UK.

She said: 

“There’s no denying that we’re a nation of gin connoisseurs with UK sales surpassing £1billion for the first time ever last year – that’s around 40 million bottles a year and enough to make more than one billion G&Ts.

“Botanical flavours such as rosemary and juniper feature in both sweet and savoury foods, and they lend themselves perfectly to our Fun Bun recipe.

“We soak our Fun Bun fruit in gin – making it juicy and flavoursome for a delicious grown-up bake.”

So yeah, they’re not going to get you blotto, and come stumbling into the office with your trousers on the wrong way round or anything, but they’ll give you a sweet, tart taste of something a little bit naughty in the morning. Or at elevenses. Or at lunch. Hey, I don’t decide the times when it’s acceptable to eat gin bread - you do it whenever you fancy, I won’t judge. For all you know I could be eating one now.

As it happens, I’m not - I’m eating a baguette soaked in rum, but the sentiment is the same.

You can pick up a Fun Bun in Asda, Morrisons or Co-op and they’ll set you back a paltry 95p for a pack - a gin-drenched bargain, I think you’ll agree.

(Image: Roberts Bakery)