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Wolverine TV Series: will this be Marvel's next big MCU show?

A Wolverine anthology series could be in the works

Wolverine TV Series: will this be Marvel's next big MCU show?
Marc Chacksfield
16 April 2021

Marvel wants to bring Wolverine to the small screen and create an anthology series for the character, if this latest Marvel TV show rumour is to be believed.

Marvel is making a number of new shows that slot nicely into the MCU. While it's currently the turn for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier to have the limelight, we've already seen WandaVision and havea Loki TV series and one set in Wakanda to look forward to.

Marvel, then, isn't afraid to put its big characters on the small screen, which is why this latest superhero rumour actually makes a lot of sense.

According to That Hashtag Show, Marvel is looking to put Wolverine on the small screen, in a show that would be an anthology series that charts some of his best comic book encounters. According to the site, the first series would focus on the famous Weapon X storyline, which would mean that it would be an origin story about how Logan came to become Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman has retired from the character - although there is always a chance he will come back - so this could be a great way to introduce a new Wolverine into the MCU and develop the character before putting him on the big screen.

This is all sprinkled heavily with salt - there's no mention in the report where this information is coming from, and it notes that no showrunner or director has been chosen yet, so this is early stages stuff.

The report also reveals that the casting of Wolverine hasn't yet happened. While our who should be the next Wolverine? list currently has Tom Hardy at the top, the latest rumour is that Karl Urban is now in the running (with Taron Egerton still top choice).

Urban isn't even on our list so we best get updating that one!