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WandaVision trailer revealed: Marvel gets delightfully weird

New WandaVision trailer and release date details revealed.

WandaVision trailer revealed: Marvel gets delightfully weird
Marc Chacksfield
21 September 2020

WandaVision is one of the most anticipated Marvel TV shows to come from Disney Plus and the release of the new WandaVision trailer showcases what a strange, brilliant show this is looking like being.

We haven't heard too much about WandaVision for a while now, only tidbits. Way back in January, star Paul Bettany called the show f***ing bonkers, while it was confirmed in June that it would still be released in 2020.

Now we have the first official trailer and it looks an absolute blast. Starting off in 4:3, black and white, we see the doting couple having a dinner party then things get increasingly stranger with Kathryn Hahn appearing dressed as an actual witch, both Vision and The Scarlett Witch in new and very old costumes, and a look at some shady government goings-on with actress Teyonah Parris waking up on some grass.

Like many a tease, not much is explained in the WandaVision trailer but it does widen the palette of the show. But those looking for an actual plot will be left wanting.

As for the all-important WandaVision release date, that is set as 'coming soon' which we assume means that we will actually see the show in 2020, on Disney Plus.

In total, WandaVision is set to have six episodes. It's not known whether the show will be a one-off. But we do know that is what Disney is looking to do with its Obi-Wan Kenobi series and Falcon And The Winter Soldier has been billed as a six-hour movie. Unfortunately, it's now know when we will see this one as it's shooting is being delayed because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Other Disney Plus Marvel shows that are on the horizon include She-Hulk, which has just cast Tatiana Maslany as the titular character.

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