Prosecco tea bags are here and they need to be at the top of your Christmas list

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Dave Fawbert

Christmas: the time of year when eating and drinking so much that there’s an actual possibility you might explode, is nearly upon us.

But one of the most vexing issues is what to do after consuming that 29th piece of turkey. Do you celebrate with another glass of prosecco, or reach for a classic cup of tea?

Well, thanks to Aldi, you no longer have to agonise over this truly difficult decision, as they have made the long overdue decision to combine the two.

As part of their Specialbuys Christmas range, the German supermarket has unveiled prosecco-infused tea, as well as the equally amazing-sounding mulled wine-infusion variety.

Sadly – unless you’re a driver – the teabags contain no alcohol, although you could always top it up with a splash of the real thing we guess.

They retail at £1.89 for 15 bags and have already sold out online – but you can still buy them instore; head here to find your nearest local.

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