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Diet Coke is about to change dramatically with a new can and new flavours

Oooh, fancy

Diet Coke is about to change dramatically with a new can and new flavours
11 January 2018

Sure, Diet Coke’s great, but what if we had it in a bunch of flavours aimed specifially at millennials?

That’s a sentence someone has presumably not only said, but also acted upon, as Coca-Cola have announced plans to roll out four more options on top of its standard ‘Diet Coke flavour’.

Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to your newsagent’s shelves, you’ll be familiar with Diet Cherry Coke, Diet Vanilla Coke and the short-lived Diet Coke with Lemon.

However, there are now a whole load of new flavours, which will first be rolled out in North America.

On top of that, there’s going to be a new can design, meaning this…

Will become this…

While the rollout will begin as a North America-only thing, plenty of Coca-Cola’s previous products have made their way to the UK after a successful rollout across the Atlantic.

After all, how do you think we ended up with Vanilla Coke on these shores?

“We wanted to stay true to the essence of Diet Coke while recasting the brand for a new generation,” Coca-Cola’s Rafael Acevedo said in a statement.

“Millennials are now thirstier than ever for adventures and new experiences, and we want to be right by their side.”

So, what are the new flavours?

First up, there’s a new cherry flavour – we thought we’d ease you in with something you know, rather than throwing the bigger departures your way immediately – branded as ‘Feisty Cherry’. That’s in the purple can.

In the green corner we have ‘Ginger Lime’ – a bit different, but they’ve played around with citrus before so no biggie.

The orange one has to be orange flavour, right? Well, sort of. It’s ‘Zesty Blood Orange’, which seems similar to the ‘Coca-Cola Light Sango’ drink you can already buy in France.

And fourth, in the yellow can? ‘Twisted Mango’. That one came out of nowhere but, you know what, I’m into it.

The new flavours and design will be available in the US this month and Canada in February, with no word yet on whether the UK or any other countries will get their hands on them.

While previous North American releases have been followed by European rollouts, if you want to try the new flavours you might be best off sampling them overseas if you’ve got any North American trips planned this year.

(Images: Coca-Cola Company/Pixabay)