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The place where British people are happiest is the most predictable thing ever

It couldn't be anywhere else

The place where British people are happiest is the most predictable thing ever

Ah, the multitude of glorious places that can be found in Britain: the rolling hills of the Lake District, Snowdonia and the Highlands, the urban sprawl of London, Cardiff and Glasgow, the smart new towns of Basildon and Milton Keynes and the sweeping plains of the Fens.

But specifically, where is a Brit most at home? Within the confines of his home? In an art gallery? The theatre? A windowless office?

Ha, no, of course, you already know the answer to this: it’s the good old public house.

A poll of 2,000 Britons found that they were happiest when at the pub, in a survey commissioned by the wholly independent Tribute Cornish pale ale, so absolutely no chance of any bias creeping in there.

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It revealed that Brits favour the pub over such alternatives as going to the park, or going shopping; the pub was also revealed to be the most likely place for Brits to catch up with friends - being preferred to restaurants and cafes.

In truly shocking news, the pub is the place in which most British people feel happiest

Perhaps this is no surprise, given that drinking beer and going to the pub has been scientifically proven to make people feel good, with malted barley being rich in hordenine, which actives a desire to consume food and drink for pleasure, which subsequently stimulates dopamine production in the brain.

Thus, when you reach for that fifth pint and third pastie, you’re not doing it out of greed, you’re being governed by ‘hedonic hunger’.

Also, quiz machines, pool tables and high level chat - what’s not to like?

(Image: Vadim Sherbakov)