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This is the alcohol that gives you the worst hangovers

We're still going to keep drinking it

This is the alcohol that gives you the worst hangovers
25 September 2017

I’m going out on a limb, here - I reckon, and I’ll put money on it, that you’ve had a ‘hangover’ before. Am I right? Amirite? Course you have, because you’re a self-confessed legend, and it’s time the world stood up and took notice. But what’s your worst hangover been, and what were you drinking to get you there? took these important questions and decided to find out, by asking 2,000 people a number of alcohol-related questions, and the answers are fascinating.

But first, you want to know which alcohol leads to the worst hangovers? You won’t be surprised to find out the answer:

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In my experience, it’s definitely beer, but I’ll certainly vouch for tequila - don’t want to take anything away from that.

According to the 2,000 polled, more than one in five held tequila and vodka as responsible for their incapacitated states the next morning, with only one in ten blaming beer (always blame beer, for everything). Even more surprising was that less than 3% named gin or scotch as the culprits.

The website also asked a number of other questions to its participants, and the results make for pretty sobering reading, actually:

Now, I would say it’s worth noting that this survey was carried out by a site called, so those surveyed are likely to drink more than most, just in case you were wondering why you’d never set a fire on a night out. Like, don’t set fires on nights out. It’s a really bad look.

If we can glean anything useful from these results though, it’s that you should probably switch to gin as your tipple of choice. Not only is it great at controlling allergies, it also appears to be the drink that gets people in the least trouble.

That’s either because it contains something in its make-up that calms people down (most likely not), or simply because not as many people drink it. Either way, hedge your bets and drink more of it - it’s nice, so even if you do end up starting a fire, at least you’ll have had a couple of tasty cocktails in the run-up!

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