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The best beer subscription boxes 2020: which beer delivery service is best?

UPDATED: The best beer subscription boxes revealed - great beer delivery options.

The best beer subscription boxes 2020: which beer delivery service is best?
01 November 2020

It’s 2020. You can get just about anything delivered to your door on a regular basis. Beer is no exception and there are a number of different services on the market for you to choose from, all vying to become the best beer subscription box around.

UPDATE:A number of brewers have revealed their beer advent calendars for 2020. Beerwulf's was the first to land on our doorstep and includes 24 beers from 24 brewers, including Brewdog and Beavertown, alongside others from Belgium, the Netherlands, the US and more. This year Beerwulf has also planned a month full of activities. So you get a different beer every day and access to things like virtual events, tastings and festive content. Head to the official site for more information.

Beer subscription boxes, regardless of the contents, tend to be pretty similar but there are a range of different options when it comes to beer.

The common denominator, of course, is that you get beer. The type of beer you get and whether there are extras thrown in like a magazine and the best beer snacks, varies.

Not all of them are monthly, so you needn’t be trying to drink through an entire box every month if you just want an occasional beer.

Here are our picks of the moment.

Best beer subscription boxes

Best beer subscription boxes

1. BeerBods

From £36.00
View now at

The original subscription service and easily one of the most interesting. You get 12 beers every 12 weeks including delivery and a magazine.

Join with thousands of other subscribers and BeerBods staff every Thursday at 9pm to take part in what must be the UK's biggest live tasting. Share your thoughts and discuss with others using the BeerBods hashtag.

You don't have to join in, of course, but it's very much part of the experience.

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Best beer subscription boxes

2. HonestBrew

From £22.90
View now at HonestBrew

As well as being a top retailer with a regularly stocked shop, you can get beer delivered from HonestBrew every month. The firm is on a mission to support independent breweries.

Choose either a mix styles or stick to IPAs and pales if you don't like the dark stuff. Boxes come with six, nine or 12 beers.

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Best beer subscription boxes

3. Beer52

View now at Beer52

One of the longest running boxes on the market, Beer52 must be doing something right.

This service offers eight beers every month along with a snack such as Soffles Pitta Chips. You also get the excellent Ferment magazine, which is packed full of interesting reads from some of the top beer writers around.

Like HonestBrew, you can choose a mix of light and dark beers or stick to the lighter ones only.

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Best beer subscription boxes

4. EeBria - from £28

From £28.00
View now at EeBria

EeBria is a retailer and wholesaler so is truly plugged into the industry, meaning you have access to a huge range of beers.

There are two options to choose from here: the Discovery Club which is a mix of 12 beers including a range of styles and strengths including new releases, and the Brewery Club showcases a different brewery each month (also with 12 beers) including both core range and specials.

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Best beer subscription boxes

5. Hoppily

View now at Hoppily

Choose between eight or 10 beers with Hoppily and you’ll also get membership benefits like 10% discount in the shop and a free beer on your birthday.

There are a number of other bonuses here including a newsletter and “Hop Trump” cards. These give you an overview of the beers you’re drinking and after collecting for a while you can play craft beer top trumps with them.

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Best beer subscription boxes

6. Hop Burns & Black

View now at Hop Burns & Black

The Sub Club from the South London beer, hot sauce and vinyl retailer is ‘all killer, no filler’ meaning you won’t be getting anything you’ll find in the supermarket.

You’ll get 10-12 beers including small-batch collaborations, rare beers from abroad and exclusives. As well as beer you get detailed tasting notes, reviews and suggested food pairings and the chance to win a 750ml bottle every month.

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Best beer subscription boxes

7. Beer Merchants

View now at Beer Merchants

This Beer Club offers 10 beers every month with the promise of never including the same beer twice.

The specialist importer also tempts with beers you're unlikely to find elsewhere such as Cantillon and Lervig. Members get a 5% discount on all orders from the shop, as well as special events.

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Best beer subscription boxes

8. Craft Metropolis

From £36.00
View now at Craft Metropolis

One common complaint about subscription services is that you can't choose your own beer.
Craft Metropolis’s draw is the ability to choose exactly what you want each month.

Select 12 beers and they'll be on your doorstep with no surprises. Of course, beers have a wide range of prices so while most are included, the stronger or more special brews have a surcharge attached. They're clearly labelled so you won't end up with an unexpected bill.

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