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The best craft beers (2022): the best beer and ale revealed

Updated: Tickle your taste buds with our choice of the best craft beers.

The best craft beers (2022): the best beer and ale revealed
04 July 2022

Welcome to our best craft beers list - the ultimate guide to the best craft beer available to buy right now, all taste tested by the beer experts at ShortList.

Craft beer, although without an official definition in the UK, has been on a meteoric rise over the last decade. The amount of breweries and, of course, beers, available has shot through the roof giving drinkers an almost overwhelming choice, so picking the best craft beers has been rather tough.

The scene is more diverse and vibrant than ever before, with breweries across the UK and beyond pushing the boundaries of what beer can be.

UPDATE:If you are a fan of Beavertown Brewery’s Tropigamma, then you are in luck as the beer is back on sale due to popular demand. Not just an amazing name, the beer is for those who like a tropical tang to their drink. Notes of mango, mandarin and peach can be found and there's also guava and papaya in there for good measure. Tropigamma is available now, from £2.50.

The best craft beers (2022): the best beer and ale revealed

So much so that this isn’t some definitive list - we know that’s basically impossible. It’s a list of what we think you should be sampling right now. You’ll find a range of different breweries and beer styles here. There’s something for everyone.

We have updated this guide with even more fantastic beers - below you will find 15 of the best craft beers we have tried of late.

If you haven't guessed by now, here at Shortlist, we love a good beer - so, we’ve decided one shortlist just isn’t enough. We’ve now put together a best American beer list to prove there’s more to the States than Bud Light. Over there you’ll find everything from IPAs to Milk Stout, so you’re bound to find a bottle to your tasting.

Before you head over there, though, here is our pick for the best craft beers around right now - vote up any that you have tasted and are fans of!

Oh, and if you want a new beer weekly then we have our great 'beer of the week' guide which showcases a a brilliant new beer reviewed every single week!

Best craft beers

Best craft beers

1. Leigh on Sea - Crowstone - 5.5%

£3.50 (440ml can)
View now at Leigh-on-Sea brewery

A black IPA is something of an illusion beer but it’s more than just a trick and it’s very unusual to find one in a core range line-up. While it looks like a porter or stout, the beer is heavily hopped to provide the big hit of citrus hoppiness you expect from an IPA.

However, there are no less than seven malts used here for a blend of flavour including bread, caramel along with, importantly, bitter chocolate and coffee. This one is balanced perfectly and has a smooth, creamy texture, too.

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Best craft beers

2. Thornbridge - Jaipur - 5.9%

£5.50 (4X330ml Can)
View now at Tesco

There’s no debating that this is one of the best IPAs around. Jaipur has won over 100 awards worldwide including Gold at the World Beer Awards.

Jaipur tastes great on cask, keg and bottle, and is now available in stunning bright orange cans making it a perfect fridge filler. The blend of six different hop varieties such as Cascade and Centennial give it a big hit of aroma, bitterness and flavour in true American IPA style.

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Best craft beers

3. Vocation - Love and Hate - 7.2%

View now at Tesco

New England style IPAs have become hugely popular in the last year. This is an India Pale Ale but not as you know it.

Unlike Jaipur, it’s thick and hazy thanks to the addition both oats and wheat. The triple dry-hopping treatment means the juicy stone-fruit flavours are not exactly subtle. As the name suggests, you’ll either love or hate it but there’s only one way to find out.

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Best craft beers

4. Lost and Grounded - Keller Pils - 4.8%

View now at Waitrose

The Bristol-based brewers have created what has quickly become the go-to lager of the craft beer world. A crisp and clean beer that will quench your thirst any time you crack open a can thanks to the expert blend of German pilsner malt and three varieties of hops.

Fun fact: Lost and Grounded's hand-drawn labels make a panoramic scene when you put them all side-by-side.

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Best craft beers

5. Deya - Steady Rolling Man - 5.2%

Buy now from Deya

There are a number of beers challenging for the title of UK’s best pale ale but Deya’s has to be the winner.

Now in new colourful labels but the beer inside remains the same with a slightly hazy appearance and a soft and pillowy body. It’s quaffable with peachy, apricot aromas and tropical fruit flavours but there’s just enough of a bite from the alcohol to keep things in check. A true modern classic.

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Best craft beers

6. Siren - Broken Dream - 6.5%

View now on Asda

Now we don’t actually suggest you have this instead of your morning brew, but Broken Dream is a breakfast stout, meaning it has been brewed with oats and coffee.

This is a thick and luxurious beer with a deep and complex flavour. As well as oats, there are six different malts including a smoked variety. There’s also lactose which adds to the body and flavour.

Siren won CAMRA’s Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2018 for Broken Dream.

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Best craft beers

7. Five Points - Railway Porter - 4.8%

£27 for 12x330ml bottles
View now at Five Points Brewing

Nestled in the railway arches in Hackney, Five Points is quietly making some of the best beer in the UK.

Railway Porter provides a huge punch in the face (in a good way) of aroma and flavour with more than just notes of burnt toast, chocolate and coffee. Dark and delightful, yet this beer is still somehow incredibly smooth and drinkable.

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Best craft beers

8. The Kernel - Table Beer - ~3%

£2.60 (500ml bottle)
View now at The Kernel Brewery

You won’t find Bermondsey’s The Kernel posting iceman pours on Instagram or various other cliche craft things. But this seemingly unassuming beer with it’s simple brown paper label is one of the most loved and influential of the last decade.

A beer for any occasion, it’s the benchmark for lower abv beers and is the brewery’s version of cask in a bottle or keg getting second fermentation for additional flavour. The abv varies slightly with each batch, as do the hops that go in but regardless, it’s incredibly flavoursome and full-bodied for such a simple beer.

Refreshingly quaffable and resolutely reliable.

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Best craft beers

9. Fyne Ales - Easy Trail - 4.2%

£1.65 (330ml can)
View now at Sainsbury's

In a blind taste test, Easy Trail came out on top as the best session IPA, although you’d be equally happy with the ones we tried from the likes of Northern Monk, Rooster’s and Redwillow.

Narrowly pipping it, Easy Trail fits the bill perfectly for the style having been ‘inspired by leisurely walks through rural Scotland’. More than just a suitable abv, it has a balance between a light biscuit malt flavour, a medium level of citrus bitterness and is rounded off with a slightly creamy apricot yoghurt body.

It’s a fridge-filler you’ll want to go grab another of as soon as you take your final sip.

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Best craft beers

10. Duvel Moortgat - Duvel - 8.5%

View now at Tesco

No decent craft beer list is without a Belgian beer and Duvel is a true classic. There are only four places in the UK you can get it on draught but you’ll find it tastes just as good, if not better, from a bottle where it undergoes secondary fermentation.

It’s a strong blonde ale with a fruity flavour and distinctive hop profile. If you like regular Duvel, make sure to check out the Citra Triple Hop version for a modern twist.

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Best craft beers

11. Wild Beer Co - Sleeping Lemons - 4.5%

View now at Wildbeerco

Sours beers are an acquired taste but don’t write them off until you try them. This is a gose, which is a German style typically brewed with coriander and salt.

Wild has taken the style in a Moroccan direction by using the tradition of preserving lemons in salt - there’s also a lime version. You can expect a tart and refreshing experience that’ll go perfectly with fish if you don’t like it alone.

Also look out for the gin inspired by this beer.

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Best craft beers

12. Wiper and True - Milk Shake - 5.6%

£20.50 (6. pk)
Wiper and True

You can think of this as a 'pudding beer' but you don't have to have it after dinner. It's silky smooth, chocolatey and moreish with a nice hit of vanilla.

It’s called a milk stout due to the addition of lactose sugar. This gives it a sweet and think texture akin to a milkshake. Well-balanced ingredients make it sweet without being sickly and thick without being cloying. The perfect milk stout.

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Best craft beers

13. Brouwerij Boon - Oude Gueuze - 7%

View now at Waitrose

Lambic is not a style for everyone but if you enjoy the sour end of the beer scale then this is a classic.

The style is Belgian and undergoes spontaneous fermentation from wild yeast. A Gueze is made from blending young and old batches together. The sourness here is mellow followed by a long dry finish, giving it a champagne-like quality.

Drinking this beer is considerably more enjoyable than trying to pronounce it. If it seems daunting, try the kriek (cherry) version first.

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