Arctic Monkeys announce their first live date in four years

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Tom Victor

The Arctic Monkeys are set to release their sixth album sometime in 2018, which means they’ll also be back on tour this year.

The release will be the first from the Sheffield band since 2013’s AM, and fans will be able to hear some of the new material at the Firefly Festival.

They are among a number of big-name headliners pencilled in for the American festival – held in Dover, Delaware in June – alongside Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and The Killers.

However, while they’re yet to officially announce any other dates, some internet sleuths appear to have figured out where else they’ll be playing this spring and summer.

It all relates to a video, purportedly released by the band as part of an Instagram story and subsequently deleted.

The veracity of the clip has been debated, and while it no longer exists in its original format, some people have shared their own versions.

The clip features a series of dates and coordinates, from which fans have seemingly worked out a handful of significant dates – potentially tour dates – including one this week.

Signs are pointing to it being a clever and elaborate fake, rather than a leak from someone in the know, but the takeaways are as follows:

There is some kind of announcement in and around Waterloo, London tomorrow (12 January), so we don’t have to wait too long to find out if there was any substance to all of this.

After that, the dates and coordinates correspond to Primavera Sound in Barcelona on 30 May, Best Kept Secret in the Netherlands on 8 June, Firefly on a date listed as ‘0 June’, Rock Werchter in Germany on 6 July and Mad Cool in Madrid the following week.

Whether or not the video is genuine, we do now at least have official confirmation that the Arctic Monkeys will be touring in 2018, and they’ll be playing at least one festival date.

Seeing as they haven’t played live at all since 2014, it feels as though that alone is worth celebrating.

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