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You can now invest in BrewDog for less than £50 and own part of your favourite brewery

Because who doesn't like drinking and money

You can now invest in BrewDog for less than £50 and own part of your favourite brewery

Since launching in 2007, BrewDog have been doing things differently.

In fact, that’s how they put themselves on the map. The world’s most alcoholic beer? A bottle inside a stuffed squirrel? Creating a blueprint for 21st century alternative finance? Check.

Set up by two beer-loving guys who were bored of all the same industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales they found in every shop and pub, they decided the best way to fix this was to brew a tasty beer that they actually wanted to drink.

They started with small batches of awesome craft beer, filling all the bottles by hand and selling their wares at local markets. And people bloody loved it, thus basically kicking off the craft beer revolution.

Eleven years later, they’ve brewed over 350,000 hectolitres of delicious booze and have opened more than 50 of their signature craft beer bars across the world.

But just selling good beer isn’t really enough, is it? We all want a piece of the action.

BrewDog answered the call and in 2009 they launched Equity for Punks, a crowdfunding campaign for people to invest in the beer (and brewery!) they love.

Four rounds later and they’ve raised an impressive £26 million of investment from dedicated craft beer fans.

And the latest round of investment is open - Equity for Punks V is here!

So, now is your chance – if you invest £47.50, you can own a piece of BrewDog.

Sure, that probably doesn’t sound as tasty as a cold pint, but there are plenty of other longer-term beery benefits to be had (and no hangover to go with it!).

All Equity Punk investors get discounts at the online shop and BrewDog bars around the world – ideal for any upcoming summer hols.

There is also a free beer on your birthday every year, brewery tours and tastings and an invite to the legendary annual AGM (Annual General Mayhem, yeah?).

The more you invest, the more benefits you get, including VIP tours of the brewery in Scotland, membership to their two beer clubs, brewing sessions and the chance to build a BrewDog bar at home.

Sound good? The Equity for Punks V crowdfunding campaign closes on 15 October 2018.

Investments can go down as well as up and invested capital is at risk. This is an advertisement not a prospectus. Investments should only be made on the basis of the information in the prospectus available at Approved by SPNV Limited (FCA No. 610217).