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You can now get Wu-Tang flavoured Clarks’ Wallabee boots

These shoes ain't nuthing ta F' wit

You can now get Wu-Tang flavoured Clarks’ Wallabee boots
12 November 2018

Clarks Originals Wallabees are lovely. There, we said it.

They are fantastic, and even though Walter White, that Very Bad Man and meth dealer, wore them, this does not mean you should shy away from them for fear of people thinking you are a drug kingpin. Unless of course that’s what you desire. Either way, a lovely suede pair of Wallabees is a thing you should most definitely want, and possibly need.

And if that want (and need) isn’t strong enough, well, let us introduce you to Clarks’ latest collaboration: this time they’ve teamed up with Wu Wear to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wu Tang’s Enter the Wu-Tang (26 Chambers), and the shoes are making us drool.

Just cop a load of these beauties:

Don’t sit there and look at us - staring us directly in the eye - and say you don’t want a pair. Just don’t do it, because you can’t, because you want a pair, because they are drop-dead gorgeous. Each pair has ‘Enter the Wu-Tang’ stamped into the left tongue, with the release date ‘9 November 1993’ into the right, as as the Wu logo on the heel and fob - each pair is also water and stain resistant (thank God, the thought of ruining these babies is giving us palpitations).

The unisex collection (in three colourways) drops on November 23, and if you hadn’t twigged already - we urge you to go out and get yourself a pair. And if you don’t, well, just watch your step, kid.

(Images: Clarks Originals)