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Virgin Media is giving away free TV channels to customers

They're even throwing in a free fitness app to get you off the sofa afterwards.

Virgin Media is giving away free TV channels to customers
Holly Pyne
20 April 2020

The one positive to come out of lockdown is that companies can’t seem to stop themselves from giving away free stuff.

Having already made a number of its entertainment channels free to customers, Virgin Media has decided to make even more available for free.

Channels are mainly documentary channels including Animal Planet, Comedy Central Extra, History, and National Geographic are now all available for free if you’re a Virgin Media customer until May 16.

These 17 new channels are in addition to the 18 entertainment channels and 17 Sky channels available until 2 May and 9 May respectively.

That’s a whole lot of free TV and, considering a Virgin Media TV bundle starts at £29.99 a month, that’s a pretty good deal.

If that wasn’t enough, customers can also get the ‘Get Fit Today' app free of charge until the end of April.

The app offers workouts from Four Time Fitness Model World Champion Andreia Brazier to help you keep moving throughout lockdown.