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Pizza Hut and Ikea serve up Swedish meatball pizza - with a side of table

The Hong Kong-based collaboration is certainly unique

Pizza Hut and Ikea serve up Swedish meatball pizza - with a side of table

These days, it’s not unusual to see brands from completely different fields join forces to create something pretty innovative. This latest creation is no exception, with Pizza Hut and Ikea joining forces to bring a slice of their specialty to the table - quite literally.

Yes, the Swedish flat pack furniture giant has joined forces with Pizza Hut Hong Kong to create a truly unique pizza, featuring the store’s iconic meatballs.

Oh, and there’s also a special pizza table to go with it.

Teasing the new creative collab via social media, the brands posted an image of a pizza delivery driver - complete with surgical mask - asleep in Ikea accompanied by a pile of pizza boxes.

After all, pizza + chilling in Ikea = pretty much the dream scenario.

The new pizza is a take on a classic, topping off a pepperoni pie with the store’s signature meatballs - a dish that was first introduced to Ikea customers in-store during the 1980s.

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the launch of the new Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza with a fun, cheeky campaign,” notes John Koay, executive creative director at Ogilvy Hong Kong, the company behind the concept.

“[it] has proven to be quite popular with the fans already on the first day! This is a great pizza, and this campaign really shows how collaborations can really benefit the fans - not just the brands.”

Sadly you’ll have to make the trip over to Pizza Hut Hong Kong in order to pick one up - which, given the current world health crisis, may not be the greatest idea unless your meatball pizza craving is borderline insatiable.

Ikea is also serving up a new take on their steadfast Sava table to top things off. Yes, customers can now get their pizza-sized table packaged up and delivered in a giant pizza box.

What more could you wish for?