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'Money Heist' is the best crime drama you've never seen - and it's on Netflix

Could this be your next binge?

'Money Heist' is the best crime drama you've never seen - and it's on Netflix
06 March 2018

Look at you, there, sitting in front of your TV screen, staring at the Netflix homepage, scrolling aimlessly, eyes looking through the screen like you’re on your fourth Magic Eye of the day. You’re a mess, a confused, shivering mess.

You need something to watch, don’t you? You’ve done it all, you’re all Stranger Thingsed out, you’ve Altered your Carbon, you’ve found your Good Place, but that’s all over now, and you don’t know what to do with yourself. A MESS. A BLOODY MESS.

Don’t fret though, for I am here to help you, because I have just the ticket: a lovely new binge-worthy Netflix show for you to dive into. It is called La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist as it’ll appear on your screens, and it’s supposedly a bit of a banger, being compared to Prison Break at its peak.

The show follows a rag-tag team (is there any other type of team? No) who decide to make themselves a bit of the old ‘dough’ by gaining entry to the Royal Mint of Spain and printing off 2.4 billion euros. Not an easy task, seeing as it’ll take them 11 days, during which they’ll have to take care of 67 hostages and stop the police and assorted other forces from ruining their plan.

The show has actually been on Netflix since December, but you didn’t notice it, did you? Those weird Dali masks in the picture made you think it was some sort of art documentary and you stuck on another episode of The Office instead. Well, now that I’ve alerted you to its presence, and that actually there are guns and swearing and stuff in it, you’ve got no excuse not to watch.

Here’s the trailer:

If you fancy checking it out (which you do, you really fancy it, you want to marry it), then head on over to Netflix and watch it here. Enjoy!

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(Image: Netflix)