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Move over, Squid Game! This dystopian thriller is now the most-watched Netflix show

Another Korean show is destined to become a cult classic.

Move over, Squid Game! This dystopian thriller is now the most-watched Netflix show
Marc Chacksfield
24 November 2021

Netflix is on a fantastic hot streak at the moment, releasing hit after hit from its Netflix Originals catalog. The latest is a Korean drama that is all about ordinary people who are staring death in the face. Nope, it's not Squid Game but the fantastic new mini series Hellbound.

According to FlixPatrol, the go-to unofficial site for Netflix numbers, Hellbound is now the most-watched TV show on Netflix, beating Squid Game to the top spot.

Hellbound - which features in ourweekly WatchList - has one of the best directors working today behind it. Yeon Sang-ho created the classic Train To Busan (which is set for a US remake) and its sequel, Peninsula. He started off in animation which is perhaps why he has brought some fantastic monsters to life in Hellbound, which is itself based on his own digital comic.

Disguised initially as a police procedural, Hellbound is about a series of murders that are seemingly caused by supernatural beings dragging people to hell.

It's a fantastic premise and the show has become an instant hit, hitting number one in the Netflix charts the day it was released.

Hellbound rounds off a solid month for Netflix where it also launched Red Notice. Unlike Hellbound, which has had critical acclaim, this movie was panned by critics but seemingly loved by fans - this may be to do with its A-List cast, which includes Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.

Hellbound is available to stream now and is just six episodes long, so perfect for a bing-watch.