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It's official! Squid Game is the most popular Netflix show ever

A lot of people have watched the excellent South Korean series.

It's official! Squid Game is the most popular Netflix show ever
Marc Chacksfield
13 October 2021

Squid Game has officially become the most popular Netflix series launch of all time, with a whopping 111 million people having streamed the series so far.

The South Korean drama has caught the world's imagination with myriad memes made off the back of the show's amazing visuals and frankly terrifying storyline.

Squid Game is about a group of people who sign up to a dystopian boot camp of sorts, where they are subject to deadly versions of the games they used to play as children, all with the hope of paying off the numerous debts they owe.

Think Battle Royale mixed with Fun House!

Superficially it's a show about survival, but the underlying themes are definitely a pointed finger at South Korea's current debt crisis and the dangers of capitalism.

The show, according to Netflix, took creator Hwang Dong-hyuk some 10 years to get made but we are glad he persevered as it's a fantastic, if brutal show.