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McDonald’s is getting ready to make 'Rick and Morty' fans very happy

This should make up for the shortage last time

McDonald’s is getting ready to make 'Rick and Morty' fans very happy
Tom Victor
21 February 2018

Fans of Rick and Morty have got a long time to sit and twiddle their thumbs before the Adult Swim show returns.

There’s such a long wait that we’ve decided we need to give you recommendations for shows to fill the time, but that’s not the only reminder you’ll be getting.

Anyone who cares even the slightest bit about the animation will know the most important thing about it isn’t the title characters, or even the detailed plots which have sparked debate across the internet.

No, the most important thing, the thing which characterises the show more than anything else, is McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce.

It doesn’t matter that the sauce isn’t even genuinely Szechuan in style; that didn’t stop fans of Rick and Morty – and fans of dipping sauce – rushing to their nearest Maccy Ds to get their hands on the stuff when it got a limited release last year.

If you’re a little confused by all this, the sauce, originally rolled out as a promotion around the Disney film Mulan, took a role in Rick and Morty’s third season and was subsequently resurrected for real…albeit briefly.

To say that promotion went badly would be an understatement. The limited release last year meant not everyone who wanted sauce could get sauce, and the problem was only exacerbated by moments like this.

There was only going to be one way around it – bringing back the sauce in higher quantities. And it looks as though fans of the show…sorry, fans of the sauce will be in luck.

As with all the best Rick and Morty exclusives, the news has emerged on Reddit.

A document has emerged on the site detailing a planned rollout of a much larger supply of the Szechuan sauce than we saw last year, with one poster appearing to confirm the document featured in an email from the McDonald’s Nuts & Bolts Integration Team.

According to the post, traditional McDonald’s restaurants will receive six cases of the dipping sauce, while WalMarts will achieve half of that amount. No McDonald’s outlet will be able to re-order the product, so when it’s gone it’s gone.

McDonald’s will update fans on the sauce this week, and it seems the company will be answering questions about where it’s all gone, in addition to when and where it’ll be available.

There is talks that it will emerge this month, on 26 February, but it’s unclear whether the top-secret condiment will simply be advertised on that day, or if it will actually be available for sale at that time.

As you might have noticed from the language of the Reddit post, this looks to be another US-only release.

Based on what happened last time, we fully expect British diners to lobby McDonald’s for that delicious dipping sauce the moment our American cousins learn of its return.

Hang on, it’s started already…

(Images: Adult Swim)