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McDonald's might be bringing back their Szechuan McNugget sauce because of 'Rick and Morty'

Wubba lubba yes please!

McDonald's might be bringing back their Szechuan McNugget sauce because of 'Rick and Morty'
04 April 2017

I have never tasted the Szechuan McNugget sauce that McDonald’s released as a tie-in for the 1998 Disney flick Mulan. I have never seen Mulan either (not enough zords in it), so really, I’m a bit clueless as to why the creators of Rick and Morty (aka one of the best TV shows in existence) have decided to make it such a pivotal point in the latest season.

In case you were unaware, the long-awaited third series of Rick and Morty aired last week on April Fools’ Day, and was, as expected, amazing. Included in the action-packed episode, or “ep” if you’re short on time, was a closing joke about Rick wanting to taste the limited edition Mulan Szechuan sauce again – he even goes so far as to say “That’s my series arc, Morty.”

Clearly, they’ll be mentioning it again – it must be amazing. I’m annoyed I never had it now – was not eating McDonald’s during primary school worth it for the six-pack? I’ll never know.

OR MAYBE I WILL. Because it seems that McDonald’s might be bringing it back. After the episode aired, a petition was started (good to see someone using that website for something useful) urging the fast food giant to resume production of the spicy stuff, and it’s currently at 6,044 signatures.

Then the official Twitter account for Rick and Morty tweeted McDonald’s, and because of “brand banter”, they replied:

THEN one of the corporate chefs ("HEAD CHEF EVOLVES INTO... CORPORATE CHEF!") at McDonald's had this to say:

Which is promising, no? A rogue chef is going to cook up something long-thought forgotten and potentially unleash it on a baying public. All because of a cartoon. What is happening?

Whether it’ll still be connected to Mulan remains to be seen, but they are releasing a live action remake in 2018. Bit late then, mind, but still.