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This is why John Krasinski is on board for a reunion of 'The Office'

He wants it back on TV just like the rest of us

This is why John Krasinski is on board for a reunion of 'The Office'
27 July 2018

There are certain TV shows that you can turn to at any moment and you’ll instantly get all those nostalgic, happy feelings. For me, one of those shows is the US version of The Office. Less painfully cringeworthy than the British original, the NBC show’s cast of hilarious characters basically feel like family at this point.

And John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert on the show from 2005 to 2013, has revealed that he’s up for getting the cast back together for some sort of reunion – because he wants to find out what his character’s been up to.

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“Where is Jim? What is he doing?,” the A Quiet Place actor told Variety. “I actually don’t know, and I’m really looking forward to it. People have asked if I would do sort of a reunion-type thing, and yes, for exactly that reason. I need the incredible writers of our show to tell me what he’s doing because I’m kinda worried about him.”

“[Jim] had a lot of hopes and dreams and all these different things. He had a lot of zany ideas. And then he went to Austin to live his life. I feel like the dreams are still in his head, so let’s see what he’s doing.”


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Earlier this year, Krasinski explained that ideally he’d like to take part in a one-off Christmas special.

Speaking to NME, he said of the possible revival: “I’m in, yeah. The truth is what they’re doing with Will & Grace, I don’t think we’d be able to get our [whole] cast together – it’s a big cast – to do another run of the show.”

He added: “But I will say that I’ve always been confused as to why the US shows don’t do the Christmas special. The UK versions of all these amazing shows do a great Christmas special that you can sort of pull out from the rest of the episodes. I think that would be really fun.”

We agree with all our Office-loving hearts. 

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