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Netflix secret codes: unlock hidden movies and shows

This is how to use those Netflix secret codes...

Netflix secret codes: unlock hidden movies and shows

Let's face it: sometimes finding something to watch on Netflix is a massive pain in the proverbial. If you are anything like us, the sheer amount of scrolling involved on the limited categories makes you so tired you simply opt for a movie you ‘might like’ because you’ve seen one a bit like it before.

While you could look at our best movies on Netflix and best Netflix TV shows lists for a start, there is also a Netflix hack that allows you to see every (rather strange) genre that Netflix has. That's where the Netflix secret codes come in.

There are thousands of these secret codes. Thousands of them, giving users full access to everything the streaming service can offer without the hassle of navigating the limited genres or searching for an exact term.

Simply go to, take the final four digits and replace them with the ID codes found here to browse films by unfiltered genre.

Ranging from high-brow horror to gal-pal TV shows to K-dramas for beginners, there’s a lot to choose from.

With any luck, these will also bring up films not listed on your regular Netflix home screen categories.

Though as you’ve probably guessed by now, this trick only works on the website, so a no-go if you’re browsing on your smart TV. But then you’ll always be able to search for the exact title once you’ve got it.

It might just be a game-changer.

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Netflix secret codes list 2023: get access to whole library with these secret Netflix codes
Image Credit: Netflix

The best Netflix codes

Here are the 20 best Netflix codes that we are fans of - maybe try these out first and see the Netflix library open up in front of your eyes: