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This Gordon Ramsay breakfast recipe has gone viral and it looks amazing

Get this on my plate right now

This Gordon Ramsay breakfast recipe has gone viral and it looks amazing
19 September 2017

Just when you thought your classic bacon and eggs breakfast couldn’t get better - Gordon Ramsay comes and knocks it right out the bloody park with this updated version. 

Rather than just baking eggs - undeniably a classic in its own right - Gordon has upped the ante by baking them INSIDE HASH BROWNS and topping them with glazed bacon. And (unsurprisingly) it’s gone viral.

Gordon describes the dish as an “all American superhero of a breakfast” and he’s not wrong. He starts by peeling potatoes - the “secret” to a good hash brown, apparently. Waxy potatoes are best for this as they hold their shape and cook better than their non-waxy mates. 

He grates the potato - along with onions - before seasoning with salt, pepper, olive oil and cayenne pepper. Then comes the next incredibly crucial step - squeezing out the liquid to ensure the hash browns stay nice and crispy. 

Next, pour some olive oil into a very hot pan and press the hash brown down, using a plate to flip it before cooking the other side.

Then, crack the eggs onto the hash brown, sprinkle with a bit more cayenne pepper and put into an oven for about six minutes.

All that’s left is to fry up your bacon - he uses brown sugar, butter and salt and pepper - to serve on top of your cooked baked eggs.

Hear that? It’s the sound of your arteries clogging with fat. And it is DELICIOUS.