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Will 'God Of War' fans find the game's last hidden secret?

Think you've completed it? Think on

Will 'God Of War' fans find the game's last hidden secret?
25 July 2018

God Of War director Cory Barlog has revealed that there’s one secret in the game which nobody has discovered yet, which is predictably enough driving superfans nuts.

WARNING: Spoilers for God Of War lie ahead. Slower players, read on at your own peril…

The PS4 game came out in April to unanimously extraordinary reviews, and brought new life to the franchise, transporting protagonist Kratos from the world of Greek gods to the world of Norse ones (plus swapping his swords for a big fuck-off battleaxe). 

Players have painstakingly explored every virtual inch of the six realms of the game, hunting out hidden items, Easter eggs and references to earlier games in the series. 

Cover that other nipple, you monster

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For instance, there’s a reference to the Boat Captain, a minor character from earlier God Of War games, on a treasure map you find at Stone Falls. It’s a fun joke for fans of the earlier games, still makes total sense if you don’t get the reference, and generally just works. 

There are also loads of nods to other pieces of Norse mythology, a pretty big but reasonably subtle shoutout to the Marvel Universe, and plenty more.

But Barlog (not to be confused with the Balrog, which was that thing that looked like it had killed Gandalf in the first Lord Of The Rings film) claims that there’s a secret that is yet to be discovered.

We’ve all been there

Barlog mentioned that it was to be found in Kratos’ (reasonably small) house, so fans thought they had found it when they discovered four runes, one in each corner of the house, that appeared to spell out the name “LOKI”.

Hey, runes are fun

It fits in with this unfinished tapestry, depicting a symbol associated with Loki.

It turns out an unfinished tapestry looks like a glitch

The house is accessible near the start of the game, but only at the end of the game do you discover that Kratos’ son Atraeus is Loki (his wife’s name, “Faye”, is therefore short for Laufey, the name of Loki’s mother in Norse myth). So could this be it? 

Possibly not. It’s a nice little Easter Egg, sure, but a lot of fans feel like it isn’t big enough, badass enough or substantial enough for Barlog’s tease at Comic-Con. Are there deeper secrets yet to be discovered?

The hunt continues - check out this Reddit thread for the latest ideas.

(Pics: Sony)