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‘Game of Thrones’ now has its own beer described as ‘thick and chewy’

It's called 'King in the North', and it sounds hefty

‘Game of Thrones’ now has its own beer described as ‘thick and chewy’
Tom Victor
24 August 2018

Fans of Game of Thrones might describe the show as incessantly addictive, to the point that they wonder whether it’s even healthy for them.

Those who struggle with the show, meanwhile, might prefer to describe it as heavy and inpenetrable, to the point that they can’t envisage anyone genuinely enjoying it.

Whichever side of the fence you come down on, then, surely you have to give the show some credit for inspiring a beer which ticks both boxes, having been described as a “thick and chewy” brew.

We’ve heard a bit about the fate of certain characters ahead of season eight of the HBO show, while star Nathalie Emmanuel has given fans plenty to be excited about.

However, while we’re waiting for the show to return, New York State’s Ommegang Brewery has added to its collection of officially licensed Game of Thrones beers with the announcement of its ‘King in the North’ imperial stout. Some will claim it should have been a Benioff and Weissbier, but those people are wrong.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the beer has been described as having a “thick and chewy [finish] with oatmeal creaminess, and pleasant lingering roast”.

The general flavour, according to the brewery, is “rich and full with notes of roasted malt up front followed by smooth bourbon and a hint of oak”. It’s one hefty beer, is what it is.

Game of Thrones is far from the only show with alcoholic drinks tie-ins, of course: last Christmas saw a series of Peaky Blinders spirits released, including an Irish whiskey, a spiced rum and a gin.

If you prefer your beer without a link to prestige television, you can always try one of these dark craft beers, of course.

The eighth season of Game of Thrones was announced back in 2016, but filming only recently concluded and the show is not expected to return to air until 2019.

The King in the North beer will arrive sooner, with bottles going on sale in November.

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(Images: HBO/Pixabay)