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Newly-leaked 'Game of Thrones' script seems to confirm that these two characters don't die

Did you wonder what happened to these characters in the season seven finale?

Newly-leaked 'Game of Thrones' script seems to confirm that these two characters don't die
14 August 2018

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the final, dramatic moments of Game of Thrones season seven. Things were looking horribly bleak as the Night King appeared on the back of the undead dragon Viserion, who spewed out terrifying streaks of blue flames bringing the Wall at Eastwatch crashing to the ground.

And, as the White Walkers streamed into the Seven Kingdoms for the first time, we witnessed the set-up for the looming battle between the living and the dead in season eight.

You can watch the moment again below…

But there’s one detail you might not have thought about in this scene: what ever happened to Wildling Tormund Giantsbane (played by Kristofer Hivju) and Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer), from the Brotherhood Without Banners?

Both of them were precariously positioned on the top of the Wall as Viserion did his best to destroy it and the last we saw of them, they were fleeing for their lives.

Well, a newly-released season seven script appears to suggest that the pair might have made it out alive.

Will these two make it out alive? Possibly 

The script for the finale episode ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ was submitted for consideration in the race for the 2018 Emmys and was posted online to the Emmy website. These PDF uploads don’t usually attract too much attention but considering how much Thrones fans are frothing at the mouth for even the smallest clues, it appears we’ve turned up a little nugget of info.

Here’s the relevant section of the script:

And these sections in particular are especially illuminating:

Tormund and Beric lead their wildling comrades to the stairs carved in the ice – Eastwatch has a massive zig-zag stairway, not an elevator like Castle Black. They run for their lives and disappear from view.

We see a few Wildling stragglers who didn’t make it down in time fall hundreds of feet to their death.

So what can we infer from these passages? The fact that only “a few Wildling stragglers” were killed heavily suggests that most of those on the Wall, including Tormund and Beric, make it out alive, which is great news.

And another strong hint comes from fan site Winter is Coming which claims to have spotted actor Kristofer Hivju in Belfast filming for season eight. So unless he’s filming a flashback sequence, we can quite confidently assume that he’ll be popping up again in the final season. 

Find out if they do in fact make it – as well as what happens to the rest of the cast – when Game of Thrones returns in 2019. 

(Images: HBO)