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'Peaky Blinders' gin, rum and whiskey now exist, just in time for Christmas

The perfect present for any fan

'Peaky Blinders' gin, rum and whiskey now exist, just in time for Christmas
13 December 2017

For many of us, Christmas means two things: sitting in front of the TV with family, and getting drunk with family.

We’ve already set you up with some boozy recipes, and let you know which films you should be watching on each of the 12 days of Christmas, and which of the best whiskey to drink but what about telly?

It’s pretty clear how obsessively you all watch Peaky Blinders, to the point where you notice even the smallest references, and while it might not be as festive as some other shows it’s undoubtedly watchable.

So if I was to tell you there’s Peaky Blinders booze available in time for that post-turkey lull, you’d probably be delighted. Right?

Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders

It’s the work of Sadler’s, who have already rolled out their own ‘Peaky Blinder’ beer and are now moving into the world of spirits.

There’s now a spiced dry gin on the menu, along with a black spiced rum and Irish whiskey.

All of them come in wax-dipped bottle, presumably in an effort to give the whole thing an inter-war look in-keeping with the time during which the BBC show is set.

According to Konbini, the Midlands-based company is actually behind some of the pubs once frequented by the real Peaky Blinders on whom the show is loosely based.

That naturally gives an extra layer of appeal to the drinks, considering the show itself holds an impressive 8.8 rating on IMDb.

Each of the spirits is selling at £29.99 for a 70ml bottle, while you can buy all three from the Sadler’s online shop for a combined £84.99.

(Images: BBC)