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Alien ♥ Predator wedding cake

Alien ♥ Predator wedding cake

Alien ♥ Predator wedding cake
12 June 2012

If any of you managed to make it to the end of Alien Vs Predator then you'll remember the odd sight of a Predator "teaming" up with the Ripley-esque heroine in order to take down their xenomorphic foe.

For those of us brought up on Predator and its lesser sequel, this was a soul-crushing sight. Sadly, it looks like the reformed baddie is making another step towards recovery.

After he recently made amends with Arnie, it appears as if he's burying the hatchet with a much more formidable enemy.

This eye-opening cake reveals that a surprise wedding is on the cards between the two notorious opponents. Created by The Little Cherry Cake Company, this bittersweet treat gives us an insight into the happy day.

We're guessing no-one wants to catch the acid-laced bouquet.