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Aldi are selling alcoholic ice lollies this summer

Getting drunk in the day is completely fine if it's in ice cream form

Aldi are selling alcoholic ice lollies this summer

Summer: a time for good vibes, soaking up the sun and drinking at times that would almost certainly be considered inappropriate at literally any other time of the year. And there’s good news, lads: you can now indulge your anti-social tendencies by consuming your alcohol in ice cream form!

That’s right: our favourite budget supermarket Aldi are releasing a new range of alcoholic ice lollies just in time for summer. 

Costing £2.99 for a four pack, the lollies come in prosecco and peach bellini and gin and tonic flavours, and have an alcohol content of around 4.5% vol. – roughly the same as a pint.


"We are proud to bring popular products and trends to our customers whilst staying committed to our low price promise,” said Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK. 

"Although sunshine may not be guaranteed, our alcoholic popsicles are sure to be a hit with adults across the UK, whatever the weather."

A similar range is already available at Fortnum and Mason, but at £50 a pop – at which price you could buy approximately 64 of the Aldi lollies. We don’t recommend eating them all at once, though, because you would probably be really sick.