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Presenting the Nintendo SwitchCube (which you definitely want)

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Leaked poster appears to confirm Destiny 2 release date

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Android users can finally play Super Mario Run - and definitely should

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Zelda megafan controls his smart home with an ocarina

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Why I pray every day for an 'SSX Tricky' remake

It's all about that Big Air Bonus

by Matt Tate
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How to cheat your way to victory in 'Mario Kart 64'

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5 new(ish) mobile games guaranteed to make any commute bearable

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Donkey Kong definitely dabs in new 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' trailer

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The latest Zelda game will take over your life


There's a secret hidden message in your Nintendo Switch Pro controller

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5 video games you need to play in March


What 'Mario Kart' - the ultimate driving game - taught me about life


Don't eat Nintendo Switch games, they taste rank


Xbox are releasing a new 'Netflix for games' service called Game Pass


This might be the greatest Rocket League goal ever scored


Crash Bandicoot: the greatest game I ever played


Francis Ford Coppola wants you to crowdfund an Apocalypse Now game

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Rogue One in 8-Bit is the Star Wars video game we all need

On the way to destroy the Death Star, Super Nintendo style

by Jamie Carson
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Super Mario in Grand Theft Auto is weird and awesome


Hurrah: The Nintendo Switch now has a price and release date


Netflix releases 8-bit game featuring Narcos and Stranger Things


If you own any of these video games you're sitting on a fortune


The Last Of Us 2 and nine more new Playstation games set for 2017


Super Mario Run is coming to your mobile phone


Meet the Skyrim obsessed gamer granny with 170k YouTube subscribers


The deaths and headlines VR will inevitably cause


The best game I ever played: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


The Gears of War director tells us about his favourite games


The best games still to come in 2016


Why gaming is more important for men than you might think