The Rick and Morty VR game is out now and the launch trailer is a must-watch

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Matt Tate

Adult Swim are celebrating the national day of stoners worldwide by launching their brand new Rick and Morty VR game. 

As we told you last week, in Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Alitydeveloped by Owlchemy Labs of Job Simulator fame, you play as a completely worthless Morty clone designed to complete tedious chores for Rick while he’s off dimension-hopping with his actual grandson. 

Once left to your own (or his) devices, you’re free to generally fuck with the foul-mouthed scientist’s lab and other recognisable locations from the show. Most of the objects in the game can be grabbed and lobbed around your cartoonish virtual playground, and there are plenty of easter eggs for fans to uncover. 

Judging from the brilliant launch trailer, it looks like the license has been used perfectly. In it, Rick explains to a typically panicked Morty that he sold their likenesses to a video game publisher for a load of cash. As the sociopathic genius puts it, “It's the hottest new trend, Morty, it's the hottest new future of entertainment, Morty!”



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